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build your wealth

Access to your resources in one location.

TD Ameritrade is one of two custodians that I use to manage your investments. They are a top 3 custodian servicing over 4,000 Registered Investment Advisors.

I also manage your investments at Altruist. Having your investments at Altruist means your portfolio benefits from cutting-edge technology, outstanding client service, and seamless account integration.

Right Capital is our communication hub. This is where we do financial planning projections, share documents, and track each other’s tasks. You can see your up-to-the-minute net worth, cash flow analysis, and all the work we’ve done together. This helps us both stay on track and keep each other accountable.

No more emailing back and forth. This scheduling tool makes it easy to pick a meeting time that works for both of us.

Before we start working together, you’ll need to set up your monthly subscription in AdvicePay. It’s that simple! No worrying about making payments on time.