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It's important to feel confident you are handling your money optimally.

It's time to be informed & grow your wealth

It’s important to feel confident you are handling your money optimally. My process is educational, comprehensive, and tailored to your unique needs.
Whether your question is about what to do today, in ten or thirty years, I can give you an answer in a data-driven, holistic manner.

These are examples of how I can help you

Case studies are for illustrative purposes only and may not fit every individual’s unique circumstance. These case studies are not intended to provide financial, legal or tax advice. Please consult with a tax, legal or financial professional for such advice.

My company is going public, what should I do to prepare?
“I received great news that my company will be going public next year. I knew I had stock-based compensation, but never paid attention to the specific type of equity grant I had. Once I realized I had RSUs, ISOs, and NSOs, I learned about the different tax consequences and planned to maximize them. I felt prepared for the upcoming liquidity event, and gained more clarity into my financial picture.”
Software Engineer
How do I figure out the "right" mix of investments for me?
“I was fortunate that my stock options and RSUs had done so well. I knew there had to be a sweet spot between holding it all and selling everything, but I was uncertain how to find the right balance in a quantifiable way. Learning the difference between maximizing returns and maximizing the likelihood of achieving my goals was a step in the right direction. It gave me a framework. Now, I have more clarity and my portfolio is aligned with my values and goals.”
Product Designer
How can I sell my shares to buy a house without triggering a massive tax bill?
“I was lucky enough to be one of the first 50 employees at my company. After my company was acquired, I wanted to use my equity to purchase a home. Considering my shares had appreciated in value significantly, that would have meant a massive tax bill – forcing me to sell even more shares to make up the difference. Instead, we utilized an investment credit line to borrow against the value of those shares. I avoided the large tax bill and can sell newly vesting shares to pay down the credit line over time without incurring additional taxes.”
Engineering Manager

Growing up in an immigrant family

shaped just about my every perspective. From broader topics like the world, life, and aspirations, to challenging conversations surrounding money, legacy wealth, and the power of manifestation, my upbringing and my mother’s strong mindset instilled a motivation in me to be a business owner.

After college I found myself wanting to learn more about the intricacies of business and decided to pursue an MBA while simultaneously stepping into the finance industry. As I moved through two unique experiences, I began to take note of the culture and business models many well-known firms were founded on, quickly realizing how outdated these values were in the eyes of my generation.

All while having these profound realizations, I met my wife, who concurrently gave me a first-hand perspective on the financial life of a Millennial in tech. My observations combined with my wife’s firsthand experience confirmed the large opportunity I had noticed in the tech space.

From that moment on, I became committed to creating a wealth management firm that addresses the needs, constraints, concerns, and opportunities that are inherent to the niche group of millennials in the tech industry who experience specific pain points.

Today, years later, my wife and I live in Atlanta, Georgia and recently welcomed our first child.


My process is designed for Millennials in the startup community.

With that said, it is simply a framework to get us to the right place; it’s not gospel.

Whatever is a priority for you is always the most important thing when we kick off our partnership.

If your company is going public soon and you need a plan for that, that will be our focal point. If you need to get your investments on track and would like to consolidate your accounts into one place, we do that.

Our annual advisory services are all in one. You’ll get financial planning, investment management, and tax preparation.

Our work together is collaborative

I may be the financial expert,
but you are the You expert